Education is key! Go for it.

Training and Certifications

Thinking of taking on that training? Have that academic itch? Go for it! We're committed to ensuring that all employee’s have access to training and certification opportunities. to enable them to be suitably knowledgeable and skilled to carry out their role and to develop their talents.

Tuition Reimbursement

At our core, we're a learning organization and support employees who pursue continuous education. We reimburse the successful completion of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses in accredited colleges or universities, valuing our employees motivation in enhancing their skill base, making them an even greater asset to the brand.

Language Courses

Thinking Capital offers it’s employees access to language courses to enable them to meet the language requirements of bilingual positions in support of the organization’s requirements as well as to meet their career objectives.


Learning & Development

Personal Development Plans 

Not sure of what you are looking for? Then this plan is for you! We will take you through a journey of self-discovery and help you plan a customized development plan that fits into the context of your career, relationships, and self-improvement.

Leadership Training 

Through continuous coaching, co-development learning and over 40 hours of training, this transformational program aims at shaping our leaders to become champions of change, to manage conflict effectively, to mobilize their teams with managerial courage and to be the best leaders of Thinking Capital.

Mentoring Program 

Our executives have taken part in this enriching program and will be mentoring our senior managers on both personal and professional growth. This mentoring program will provide employees a way to connect, learning and grow within the company and along their own personal career paths.

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