Your credit.
Your online business.
Your way.

Your business never
stops working and neither does our line of credit.

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Your credit.
Your online business.
Your way.

Your business never stops working and neither does our line of credit.

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Business Financing - Thinking Capital
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Finally, working capital that keeps up

Our credit gives you the freedom to run your business your way. Keep profits and equity on hand to move fast & confidently.

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Financing on your terms

Our credit gives you control and freedom over your cash flow with unlimited draws, repayment flexibility, and complementary financing options.

Repay Your Way, on Your Terms

Predictable repayment

No strings attached credit. Fixed, predictable repayment structure means you keep profits and equity.

Rely on Expert Support

Easy access to funds

Like your online business, access to your cash is 24/7. On-demand credit means complete control to move fast and confidently.

Thinking Capital connected

Complete control over
your cash flow

Other financing solutions restrict you to use funds their way. We give you the freedom and flexibility to tackle the unexpected and scale without limitations.


Integrates with banks & e-commerce platforms

Predictable, no-strings-attached repayment

Credit that replenishes & grows

On-demand, 24/7 access to credit

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Business Line of Credit - Thinking Capital
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How it works

1.  Apply & connect

Answer a few questions & connect your online store and business account(s) with zero obligation and no impact to your credit. View the qualifications.


2. Get pre-approved

We review your details and share your credit limit within 24 hours.


3. Draw and repay on your terms

Access capital without restrictions and set your own repayment schedule.


4. Grow credit as you grow sales

We keep an eye on your account, and as your business grows, so will your line of credit.

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Small Business Loans - Thinking Capital


Business Line of Credit

Imagine what you could accomplish with quick and simple access to capital. Our flexible business line of credit gives you the freedom to:


Buy more inventory
Pay for new marketing initiatives
Take your business online
Renovate your space


Get approved quickly, choose a repayment plan that works for you, and make the right decisions so that your business continues to thrive.

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Small Business Loans

Run your business with ease. Unlike traditional banks, we look at more than just your credit score to make sure you get the capital you need quickly to:

Hire more staff
Upgrade equipment
Cover operational expenses
Pay off tax payments

Need additional funds on top of an existing loan? We can help you with that too. When it comes to repayment, choose a flexible plan that suits your needs.

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Cash Flow Advisor

Know exactly where you stand when it comes to the money your business brings in and ongoing expenses related to:

New projects

From tips on managing your cash flow to unique performance insights, and helpful guidance, we provide the tools and support you need so that you’re ready for anything.

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