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Florist Business Loans

We Can Help With Your Flower Shop

We understand that as a small business flower shop, there are many challenges to pursue growth opportunities due to the unpredictable nature of the market during seasonal changes. Access to funding has always been essential to the growth of flower shops because the business is heavily dependent on working capital to help fund the purchasing of new inventory, store renovations, hiring additional staff, and much more. A florist is essentially a retailer, manufacturer, designer, delivery service and event coordinator all requiring smart capital to finance a number of its business needs.

To help maximize your sales, we offer Loan solutions to meet your business needs, allowing you to receive up to $300,000 in business financing within 3-5 business days. Our Flexible Loan financing program is repaid with a small percentage of your future debit/credit card sales until the financing amount is paid back, giving you the cash your business needs to grow. Alternatively, if you prefer a fixed installment repayment plan, our Fixed Loan puts you in control of the money, so you can better plan your business investment. With the help of our industry experts, we can help expand your business in a very short time period. Complete our quick and simple online application and get funding within 3-5 business days once approved. We value your time and would like to provide you with the resources and tools to further expand your business and customer base. Apply Online today or Contact Us to get quick financing to grow your business.

Grow Your Flower Shop All Year Long With These Tips Below


Thanksgiving calls for table arrangements. Offer your customers special promotions to drive traffic and maximize sales.


Did you know that over 75% of flower shops generate the most business on Valentine’s Day? This is the perfect time to offer special discounts and packages so that significant others can take advantage of your unique products as oppose to the big retail chain stores.


Mother’s Day is one of the best-selling holidays of the year for flower shops. Make sure to offer special package deals that advertise your Mother’s Day bouquets and accessories.


Wedding season is the busiest time during the summer. Brides-to-be are looking for floral bouquets; display different options in your window and print a catalogue and have it available at your cash register.

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