Canadian Small Business Owner's Guide to Finance

Make intelligent decisions using business finance.

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Working on your small business's day to day operations is hard enough. Keeping on top of your business finances can sometimes be daunting task. As Canada's leaders in business financing, we figured we should help the Canadian small business owners community with their finance & accounting tasks. This short guide is intended to give you a quick overview of how to look at your business finances, and ultimately use insights to make better finance decisions.

    Use this Free guide to...

    • Understand Finance & Accounting

      How finance & accounting fits into your business.

    • Utilize Financial Statements

      What are they and what they tell you.

    • Align Business & Financial Goals

      Talk the same language as your accountant.

    • Make Better Business Decisions

      A way to make financially sound decisions

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    A simple to understand guide - explaining the three key financial statements -without technical business terms.

    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cashflow Statement

    Individually, they collect specific financial information about your business. Together, they paint a clear financial picture your business.

    At the end of this guide, you will have a high-level financial understanding of your business. This knowledge will help you to ask the right questions before making crucial business decisions.

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