Digital solutions for your business during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 crisis showing no signs of slowing down, it’s more important than ever to get your business up and running in the digital space. 

No longer just a convenient option, taking work online is now essential for connecting with your customers as well as your social distancing employees.

Learn to help manage and even improve your business during COVID-19 with digital solutions including educational courses, webinars, and free communication tools.

Stay in touch with your team

Communicate easily and for free with your employees using popular apps like Zoom and Loom. Not only do they rhyme, but both tools help organizations stay in touch outside of the office. 

Zoom allows you to host large online meetings with ease, while Loom provides tools for simple screen recording and video sharing.

Learn new skills

Why not channel the extra energy during this downtime into learning a new skill for your business or brushing up on old ones? 

A simple Google search brings up hundreds of valuable courses and webinars for small business owners on everything from email marketing to social media. 

Check out Hubspot’s course catalogue and invite employees to join you in learning!

Apply for a grant from Facebook

Facebook just announced its efforts to help business owners during COVID-19 by providing $100 million of grant money for 30,000 eligible small businesses. 

The idea is for the money to help businesses stay afloat by covering rent and operational expenses as well as advertising costs. Applications open soon.

Prioritize Mental Health

It’s normal to feel an enormous amount of pressure and stress as a business owner these days, but the key is to set aside time for you and your needs. 

Holding space for employees and customers, as well as your own loved ones, is exhausting and can lead to some pretty serious consequences. 

Avoid the burn out by taking a moment or two each day to meditate with free apps offering sessions that clock in under 10-minutes. 

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