Next Stage of Reopening Canada and What It Means for Your Business

According to Canada’s Covid-19 Vaccination Tracker, nearly 78 percent of the population aged 12 and up have received at least one dose of the vaccine. This places Canada among the world leaders in vaccination rates, and has led many provinces and territories to move forward in their reopening plans, enabling small businesses coast to coast to once again begin to ignite our local economies and communities.  Although returning to the workplace will not be the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic,  we want to highlight the guidelines pertaining to getting your business back up and running. Each province has designed a roadmap for their reopening, which are based on vaccination rates by certain dates and decreased case numbers. Here’s a look at the relevant guidelines for each respective province:




  • All the remaining Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted as of July 1st since it surpassed its vaccination rate for the third and final phase.
  • There are no longer any limits on the amount of people that can gather in indoor social gatherings.
  • Still required to self-isolate and follow protective measures if confirmed with a case of Covid-19.
  • The requirement for masks in public indoor spaces has ended, however some businesses and public transit may still require you to wear one.
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British Columbia:


  • B.C. has also moved to the next phase of its reopening plan on July 1st when the majority of Covid-19 guidelines were removed.
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 5,000 people are now permitted.
  • No longer capacity limits and pubs, although diners are still not allowed to mingle with those at other tables.
  • Nightclubs and casinos are open for the first time in over a year, but some restrictions remain in place and socializing between tables is not allowed.
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  • Indoor dining and bars are open at 25 percent capacity, and patios at 50 percent.
  • Outdoor gatherings in public spaces have a capacity of 25 people, those on private property are limited to 10 people.
  • Anyone entering Manitoba must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Hair salons, gyms and indoor sports may resume with capacity restrictions.
  • Salons and barbershops open by appointment only.
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Newfoundland and Labrador:


  • Fully vaccinated Canadian travelers are no longer required to be tested and self-isolate upon entrance to the province, while requirements for those with just one dose of the vaccine will loosen over the next few months.
  • The province is expected to lift restrictions on businesses, restaurants, lounges and dancefloors on Aug. 15 if targets for vaccinations, hospitalization and case counts are met.
  • Mask requirements for indoor public spaces will be reviewed as early as Sept. 15.
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New Brunswick:


  • The province has entered Phase 2 toward the Green level of its reopening plan which allows Canadian travelers who have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine into the province without the need to self-isolate. Travelers who have not received a vaccine will have to quarantine and produce a negative test.
  • Restaurants, gyms, and salons may operate at full capacity, but customer contact lists must be kept.
  • All restrictions are expected to be lifted when the province enters Phase 3.
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Northwest Territories:


  • A limit of 25 people are allowed in a business that is following an approved Covid-19 plan. Households are allowed 10 people with a maximum of 5 guests from another household.
  • Masks are no longer required to be worn in public places in Yellowknife and three other communities.
  • Non-essential travel to the territory is not permitted and non-essential travel outside the territory is not recommended.
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Nova Scotia:


  • The province has reached Phase 2 of its five-step reopening plan which permits indoor dining at restaurants and bars with two metres between tables and a maximum of 10 people per table. Restaurants are allowed to serve dine-in customers until 11 p.m. and must close by 12 a.m., however drive-thru, delivery and take-out service can remain open after 12 a.m.
  • All public and private schools are allowed to reopen. A maximum of 10 people can gather informally indoors, and up to 25 people can gather informally outdoors without social distancing.
  • Retail stores are permitted 50 percent customer capacity.
  • Festivals and special events are allowed at 25 percent of the venue’s capacity with a maximum of 25 people indoors and up to 75 people outdoors with social distancing.
  • Barber shops, salons, spas, and body art establishments are open by appointment only.
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  • The public health guidelines vary by community.
  • Travel restrictions in and out of Iqaluit have been lifted. 50 people are permitted to gather outdoors, and a household may now have up to 10 people inside.
  • Restaurants and theatres are allowed to open at 25 percent capacity or 25 people, whichever is less.
  • In the Kinngait and Rankin Inlet, outdoor gatherings up to 100 people are allowed and indoor gatherings are limited to a household plus 15 people. Restaurants and bars are permitted to operate at 50 percent capacity, but tables must be two metres apart with no more than 6 people seated at each table.
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  • As of July 16th, the province will enter Phase 3 of its recovery plan. New measures include:
  • Up to 25 people can attend indoor gatherings and public events
  • Expanded capacity for religious services, rites, ceremonies
  • Indoor dining now allowed with no capacity limits except for keeping two metres apart from other tables
  • Sports and recreational fitness facilities can operate at maximum 50 per cent capacity, 50 per cent of spectator capacity allowed up to 1,000 people
  • Meeting and event spaces can now operate with up to 50 per cent capacity or up to 1,000 people (whichever is less)
  • Personal care services that require masks to be removed, capacity restricted to two metres of physical distances
  • Casinos, museums, aquariums, landmarks, galleries, fairs, amusement parks capped at 50 per cent indoor capacity
  • Concert venues, cinemas, theatres can now operate with a cap of up to 50 per cent capacity indoors or a maximum of 1,000 people (whichever is less)
  • Real estate open houses capacity expanded to people who can stay two metres apart
  • Nightclubs can now operate with up to 25 per cent capacity or a maximum of 250 people (whichever is less)
  • Gatherings and organized public events up to 100 people allowed with limited exceptions
  • Spectators for outdoor sports and recreational activities are capped at 75 per cent of approved capacity or 15,000 people (whichever is less)
  • Casinos, museums, aquariums, landmarks, galleries, fairs, amusement parks capped at 75 per cent outdoor capacity or a maximum of 5,000 people (whichever is less) for unseated events, up to 75 per cent of capacity of 15,000 people (whichever is less) for events with mixed seating
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Prince Edward Island:


  • P.E.I. is permitting social gatherings up to 20 people indoors and outdoors.
  • Restaurants are allowing a limit of 20 people per table.
  • Partially or fully vaccinated travelers from within Atlantic Canada and Magdalen Islands are not required to self-isolate, with a P.E.I. Pass.
  • Effective on July 18th, fully vaccinated visitors from outside Atlantic Canada are not required to self-isolate, with a P.E.I. Pass.
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  • Quebec has now reached the lowest alert level under the province’s reopening plan.
  • Up to 20 people can now share a table on restaurant and bar patios.
  • Travel bans between regions have been lifted.
  • Outdoor sports are permitted in groups of up to 25 people.
  • Festivals and outdoor events allow up to 5,000 people.
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  • All businesses must complete an operational plan and be prepared to produce it in the event of a visit from Yukon Worker’s Compensation Health and Safety Board or Environmental Health.
  • Indoor social gatherings are limited to 20 people with social distancing, while outdoors 100 people can gather.
  • Those who are fully vaccinated and 14 days past their final dose can travel to Yukon without a required self-isolation. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must self-isolate when you arrive in Yukon.
  • Gyms and recreation facilities can operate with up to 200 people social distancing.
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