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Probably the oldest piece of advice in business is that in order to make money, you have to spend money. This simple statement even has an official term in business, and that is return on investment, or ROI.

But even if the concept is simple, achieving your desired ROI comes with a host of complications, external factors, and other considerations that make your initial investment and cash flow details that need to be approached carefully. Spending money whenever and wherever you feel like it so you have a high burn rate, is a recipe for financial disaster.

As an intelligent business owner you need to think about the rate of return on your small business venture. You need to start comparing the results of one investment versus another. And you need to be thinking about net present value and net profit.

To make your assessment easier, you should be using a return on investment calculator if you want to know how to calculate ROI accurately.

We've made a ROI Calculator you can use, and we're going to explain below just how crucial it is.