Small Business Loans Toronto

A Canadian small business loan option for entrepreneurs in the GTA

A small business loan helps entrepreneurs and professionals grow their businesses. Whether you operate on a low budget and need more cash flow, want capital for new investments, or are looking to make renovations, a loan can improve your business. 

Thinking Capital has small business loans based on its own criteria, not just credit score. If you are looking to expand your Toronto-based business and require a loan to increase your market value and revenue, you have options with Thinking Capital.


Not from Toronto? Not a problem! We don't just work with businesses in Ontario. We also help small business owners in Quebec, AlbertaB.C., and other parts of the country. Whether you're from Montreal, Halifax, or any other city both big and small in Canada, you could still qualify for a small business loan from Thinking Capital.

How Long Does It Take to Qualify for a Small Business Loan In Toronto?

An online application for a small business loan with Thinking Capital is an easy three-step process. We offer no-obligation quotes, and if you are qualified and approved, you’re eligible to receive a business loan in as little as 24 hours.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

Fill out an online application by quickly entering basic information about your business and financing needs. This application only takes five to 10 minutes to complete. Some of the business information that we ask for includes your monthly revenue and how long your business has been operating. By evaluating your business, we’ll be able to review your company’s objectives, sustainability, and how your borrowed funds will be allocated.

While other financial institutions require more than a personal guarantee or increase interest rates simply based on credit history, Thinking Capital evaluates every aspect of your business as part of the process. By having a clear picture of your business plan and aspirations, we can help you get the type of loan you need.


Step 2: Get Qualified and Approved 

After you complete an online application, one of our expert advisors will contact you to get you qualified and approved for a loan. They will ask you some additional questions to collect the information they need to qualify you. 

Some Toronto lenders will want to use your capital business assets as collateral or use a general lien. At Thinking Capital, we know healthy businesses that might not have adequate collateral can still make payments on borrowed capital. 

Financial statements showing your business cash flow and your daily business transactions will support the financial condition of your business. By measuring your cash expenditures against your income, we can gain an understanding of how much cash you have available to service debt and make repayments.

Some financial institutions may also require the principal owners of the company to provide professional resumes. When you demonstrate past businesses or relationships with lenders, we can get a better idea of your leadership and lending reputation and the best type of loan for you.


Step 3: Receive your Funding

Once you’ve been approved for financing, you can expect to receive your funding in as little as 24 hours. Your funding will be deposited directly into your business bank account. You can use the funds right away to improve your cash flow, purchase additional inventory, make repairs and renovations, and more. 


Thinking Capital Small Business Loans Toronto

With a small business loan from Thinking Capital, you’ll be able to grow and improve your business. By purchasing new working capital, improving infrastructure, or invading new markets, you’ll be able to take your company to the next level.

Fill out an application for a small business loan in Toronto today. With no-obligation quotes from Thinking Capital, you could be eligible to receive funds in as little as 24 hours.

Ready to take your Toronto-based business to new heights?

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