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Jennifer Sousa - HR Business Partner

My Journey

With over a decade of experience within both the tourism and fashion industries, my passion for recruitment enables me to thrive as a successful, bilingual Senior Talent Acquisition professional. Recruiting within the booming FinTech industry continues to be an exciting journey. Working with new and innovative sourcing methods is an integral part of our recruitment strategy at Thinking Capital.

My commitment

Taking pride in maintaining a positive and honest attitude whilst offering a professional and transparent experience to all our candidates is key when I’m hiring talented and innovative industry leaders..

Day to Day

I work closely with our hiring managers, sourcing experienced candidates, managing applications, conducting interviews, preparing offers as well as being part of the employee onboarding experience.


Kenny Ramalho - Talent Acquisition Lead

What I do

I am helping Thinking Capital build an amazing team of talented and inspired individuals. I specialize in technology, but also recruit for all departments including Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

My Goal

To ensure that the candidate experience throughout the interview process is fun and informative for both parties. I love to engage in dialogue with my candidates and understand what their passions and goals are and what motivates them on a professional and personal level.

When I'm not recruiting

I am probably playing video games, reading comic books, playing soccer, and most importantly being a dad.

Sid Nouar - Director, Talent Management

Why I do what I do

I was lucky enough to discover a passion for dealing with people early on in my career, it helps me getting to know someone in a short period of time, and be able to match them to opportunities where they can add value to their team, while provided with an opportunity to grow and take their careers to the next level.

An interview with me

In order for two individuals to have a meaningful conversation, with concrete takeaways, it is essential that a measure of trust and comfort is established between each other, and it is no different in an interview.

During my interviews, I am not interested in the candidate’s ability to do the job as much as their ability to adapt to the Thinking Capital culture, taking into consideration our realities and challenges.


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Personal Development Plans

Not sure of what you are looking for? Then this plan is for you! We will take you through a journey of self-discovery and help you plan a customized development plan that fits into the context of your career, relationships, and self-improvement.

Leadership Training

Through continuous coaching, co-development learning and over 40 hours of training, this transformational program aims at shaping our leaders to become champions of change, to manage conflict effectively, to mobilize their teams with managerial courage and to be the best leaders of Thinking Capital.

Mentoring Program

Our executives have taken part in this enriching program and will be mentoring our senior managers on both personal and professional growth. This mentoring program will provide employees a way to connect, learning and grow within the company and along their own personal career paths.

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