Fixed Financing

A Canadian small business loan option that delivers easy access to working capital at a fixed cost.

Fixed Financing For Small Businesses

Fixed is an improved version of what we call our Term Loan. Fixed is a traditional small business loan with an easier and faster approval process for Canadian businesses. It is designed to provide your loan faster than traditional lenders. Fixed Financing leverages a modern loan decision engine that goes beyond just your credit score. Your ongoing business cash flow and daily transactions play a large role in getting your loan approved. Daily, weekly, and bi-weekly repayment options are available for our Fixed Financing solution. Additionally, we are able to finance industries that traditional lenders do not. If you're looking for additional financing on top of your existing loan from a traditional lender - we are able to do that too.

How to get a business loan from Thinking Capital:

  1. Apply using our online application.

  2. We will review and verify your loan application quickly.

  3. Use an e-signature and avoid physical paperwork.

  4. You could receive your funds within 2 business days.

Canadian Small Business Loans

In Canada, a small business loan refers to a financial agreement between a lender and borrower, where the small business owner borrows money to purchase what they need or to hire to improve their business.

All business loans have specific loan terms and interest rates, and in many cases, elements like your credit history, available collateral, and overall business plan will play roles in whether you are granted the loan or not.

Different financial institutions have different criteria, and Thinking Capital has its own criteria that does not solely depend on credit score. So just because one bank or lender has rejected you, that does not mean there are no other options for securing the funding you need to support your small business.

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How does Fixed Financing work?

Fixed is designed to be as effortless as possible. The entire experience is digital without the need of any physical paperwork! Read below to learn more.


Apply online in minutes.

Using any device, enter your basic personal and business information using our online application.

Get verified quickly.

We review and verify your small business loan application and provide you with an estimate of how much working capital you can access.


e-Sign all paperwork.

The cost of funds is tailored to each business owner based on their needs. The fixed cost of funds allows you to plan and stay ahead.

Start using your funds.

Receive the amount you need within 2 business days. These funds are deposited in your business bank account and are ready to use right away!


Enabling Small Business Owners in Canada

When you get a small business loan to purchase or improve your business, there are a number of apparent benefits and some not so obvious. You will be getting the financing you need to accomplish your business goals, but you will also be organizing your expenses, you'll be creating job opportunities for people in your company, and you'll be helping to secure a better future for you and your family. 

A small business loan can help you grow your business, whether you're in Toronto, Halifax, or any other city in Canada. With a small business loan, any barriers that have been holding back your business growth will be gone, allowing you to reach your full potential.


Cost Consistency

Aligns with your business’s sales cycle. Keeps your monthly repayment amount consistent.

Cashflow Based

Look past your personal credit score, loan decisions are based on business performance.

Fast Funding

Apply, qualify and receive your business financing – in less than 2 business days!

Common Reasons for Small Business Loans

Many people believe that small business loans are solely for getting started in a new business, and while purchasing or starting a new small business is a great reason to apply for a loan, it isn’t the only one. Entrepreneurs in Ontario, Alberta, B.C., and other provinces across the country us loans to grow existing businesses.

Take a look at some of the most common reasons to get small business loans, and see if any apply to you:

Cash Flow

Extra cash flow to cover expenses

Upgrade Equipment

Upgrading or repairing your business equipment


Stocking up on inventory or raw materials

Leasehold Improvements

Remodeling or renovating your store

Business Relocation

Moving your business to a new location

New staff

Hiring or training new employees


Launching a new marketing or ad campaign

Tax Payments

Paying off existing or overdue tax payments

Supplier Payment

Paying your supplier invoices in full


Purchasing or financing company vehicles

Why Thinking Capital

When you apply for a loan with Thinking Capital, you’ll be tapping into a resource that has provided more than $900 million to help businesses in over 300 industries since 2006! We have provided Canadian small business financing to over 15,000 different companies, and yours could be next.

At Thinking Capital, we've combined our experience, personnel, and technology to revolutionize small business lending so that you get the capital you need, when you need it. If you're ready to take your business to the next level and need some capital to do it, fill out our online application and get the process started today!


Thinking Capital is among the pioneers of modern online small business lending, and we have used this service to provide working capital to a range of industries that include:


We charge a flat fee along with a portion of your borrowed amount on a daily basis. The fee is a percentage ranging from 8-22% of your total borrowed amount. The amount is collected from your business bank account.

Ready to take your business to new heights?
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