Facing challenges when it comes to hiring or retaining employees for your small business? Here are some suggestions you should consider:

A recent Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study revealed that:

  • 64% of small businesses confirmed that recruitment challenges have limited their growth.
  • 55% stated that they are unable to hire enough employees.

Staffing up post-pandemic has been a real challenge for Canadian businesses, and competition for labour is high. Here are a few tips to keep ahead of the recruitment game:


Consider offering flexible work arrangements 

Employees are demanding more flexibility and work-life balance in their work schedules following the lifting of health restrictions. Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to offer additional options to attract new talent and retain good employees. Offering flexible working arrangements can also limit employee absences and reduce your overall expenses. Here is an interesting article discussing how flexible working can actually increase productivity (click here).



Consider offering training and mentoring as part of any job offer

Today’s young workers want more than a paycheque. They are geared toward seeking employment that allows them to learn new skills. You are more likely to attract and keep good employees if you can offer them development opportunities that will allow them to gain practical experience and develop their overall skill set – on a consistent basis.  Nurturing employees to gain valuable experience will help them contribute positively to your company’s bottom line, while helping with retention.



Offer standout perks to your employees without breaking the bank

The good news is that you don’t have to have Google’s budget to offer great perks to your employees and create a great work environment. Small incentives can go a long way. From something as small as snacks for your employees or the occasional team lunch, to other team-building events, all these things go a long way. Alternatively, there are some great benefits providers out there to suit all budgets such as Benefits Trust and Insurance Hero.


Attracting and retaining the right talent allows you to focus on what’s important: the health and growth of your business.


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