Six tips to spring clean your business

Ah, spring! Spring brings warmer temps, sunnier days, and an urge to clean up the clutter that’s been collecting dust in the corner. There’s a taste of renewed energy and fresh beginnings at home and for your small business. Chances are business models, social media tactics, consumer trends, and revenue streams have changed since the last time you reviewed them. These six tips will help you spring clean your business and head into the new season organized and ready to tackle fresh opportunities.

  • Shine up your website
  • Dust off your marketing
  • Organize the books
  • Freshen up your goals
  • Tidy your workspace
  • Rinse the client list

So, let’s go, business owners! Sweep up the New Year’s confetti, give the windows a shine, and set your business up for success this summer.

Six tips to spring clean your business

Learn what needs improving, where you can streamline daily operations, and how to improve customer engagement by giving your business a much-needed spring clean.

1. Shine up your website

COVID-19 has permanently changed customer behavior in Canada, with more and more purchasing decisions being made online. That means your website is often your brand’s first impression—and it needs to leave a good one. Websites are a valuable asset to help businesses grow and evolve, and chances are some things have changed over the last year. Dedicate a day to updating photos, copy, product offerings, customer experiences, and company and contact information so you can be sure your website makes customers want to come back to your business again and again.

2. Dust off your marketing strategies

When was the last time you evaluated which marketing tactics are working and what needs to be left in the dust? Business owners need to understand how to spend their time (and money!) wisely, so ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does my social media presence represent my brand as effectively as possible?
  • What new marketing trends can make a big impact?
  • Which advertising mediums are performing best?
  • Can I automate tasks, like email marketing?
  • Does my brand story connect with my customer base?
  • What online conference or seminar should I attend?

3. Organize the books

Spring (aka tax season) is a great time to deep clean your finances. Your small business accounting books can help you forecast your financial future, make smart purchasing decisions, and understand if now is the time to obtain a working capital loan or line of credit. But if your financial records are a disorganized mess, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. To organize your business finances, clean up files and accounts, sort receipts, review cash balances, compare revenue sources, and determine with expenses and investments yielded the best return and which were unprofitable. Consider using accounting software or hire an accountant to stay organized all year long. For existing TC customers, we offer free cash flow advisor insights into your cash flow which is any easy way to stay on top of cash flow.

4. Freshen up your business goals

At one point you made a business plan—and chances are it was a good one. As your business grows it’s constantly changing, which means your goals and business plan should, too. Revisit your business plan, get specific with new, evolved goals, and make a plan for how to grow your business in the future. You may discover your customer base is different than your original target market, or that a product or service isn’t working for your current business structure. Your business plan is the foundation for your business’ success and is worth revisiting and reevaluating every spring.

5. Tidy your workspace

Nothing can make you more distracted and disorganized than a cluttered workspace. If you’re a brick and mortar business, get your staff together to wash windows, scrub counters and floors, sweep behind the shelves, and freshen up signage. Take everything off your desk (or kitchen table turned work-from-home desk) and brush away breakfast crumbs, wipe down device screens, organize drawers, and digitize any paperwork you can. Even if your e-commerce business is all online, a clean space reenergizes your productivity and your mood, which means more brainpower to put toward your growing business.

6. Rinse the client list

Customer relationships are your most valuable assets, and the best relationships require routine care and maintenance to ensure they’re working best for everyone. To spring clean your client list, organize and separate your leads and clients into groups. Which leads have the strongest potential to become customers and which customers have potential for more business? Which clients are routinely late with payments and require more account management attention and which ones are likely to send a referral? Categorizing your customer list helps you focus on continual improvement, hone marketing and customer service decisions, and cultivate customer engagement.

Spring clean your business. Get rid of what’s slowing you down, clean up what’s working, and make space for fresh growth.

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